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Our mission is to improve the quality of laboratory medicine worldwide.


Our vision is to be the first choice of the most advanced laboratory and point-of-care customers worldwide: delivering best-in-class diagnostic solutions for specialized disciplines – through innovation, quality and engagement of the best talent – to enable better patient care and improve healthcare efficiency.


Our Values, which have been guiding us for over 55-years, are the essence of our business that shape who we are, how we work together, and the define the behaviors that drive our success.

Integrity | Leadership and management | Delivery of results

We strive to demonstrate open, honest and ethical behavior in all dealings with our customers, clients, employees, suppliers, partners, general public and government bodies.

We recognize that people are the most important part of our business. We value the contribution, thoughts, ideas, differences and diversity others bring, and show the utmost respect for everyone we interact with.

We endeavor to be open, honest and reliable and listen to others as we communicate, building trustworthy relationships inside and outside the organization. We aspire to be humble about how we approach our work and our achievements.

We encourage our employees to execute better or different ways of doing things that derive greater value for our customers and stakeholders, as well as to make processes and systems more efficient and effective.

We understand our unique contribution to the business and we work together to achieve common goals, helping and supporting others along the way and striving for high performance in everything we do.

We seek to inspire and motivate our employees in their work, aligning their objectives and goals with the Vision and Strategy of Werfen, through frequent formal and informal communication.

We all take responsibility for the delivery of results and achievement of success at an individual and team level. In knowing what is expected of us, we strive for top performance in everything we do.

All our business practices, processes and systems are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders. We work to the highest standards in everything we do and hold others accountable for ensuring these same levels of excellence.

We involve our customers through the full product development lifecycle to ensure we deliver true value through our portfolio of solutions; we provide the support they need through constant communication; and we do all of this because behind every blood sample there is a human being.

Respect for people
Honesty and humility
Leadership and management
Delivery of results
Quality and excellence
Customer focus

Werfen around the world

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Werfen Headquarters
Hemostasis and Acute Care Diagnostics
The Netherlands
Czech Republic
South Korea


5,501 employees

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Werfen history


José María Rubiralta
founds IZASA with
support of his family

Now Werfen


Founding of Biokit (Barcelona, Spain)

First steps into manufacturing


Founding of Instrumentación
Científica (Barcelona, Spain)

Scientific instrumentation distributor in Iberia; now Izasa Scientific


Geographical expansion

Launch in Latin America

Founding of Leventon
(Barcelona, Spain)

Infusion Therapy manufacturing begins


Acquisition of Instrumentation Laboratory (Bedford, MA, USA)

Global leader in Hemostasis and Blood Gas systems


Acquisition of Chromogenix (Sweden)

and Mallinckrodt Sensor Systems (USA)

Progressive expansion in the Hemostasis and Blood Gas markets


Acquisition of Hemoliance (USA)

Strengthening leadership in Hemostasis Diagnostics


Acquisition of Inova Diagnostics (San Diego, USA)

Leader in Autoimmunity Diagnostics

New Instrumentation Laboratory Technology Center

Located in Bedford, Massachusetts, USA


Acquisition of Autoimmune Diagnostics business of
The Binding Site Ltd. (UK)

Strengthening leadership in Autoimmunity Diagnostics


Inauguration of Torre Werfen

New Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain


The Next Generation

Jordi Rubiralta appointed Werfen President


New Logistics Center
for Iberia

Located in Tarancón,
Cuenca, Spain

Acquisition of TEM® (Germany)

Expertise in viscoelastic technology
and Patient Blood Management
at the point-of-care


Acquisition of Accriva
Diagnostics (USA)

Global leader in Whole Blood Hemostasis testing at the point-of-care

New Biokit Technology Center

Located near Barcelona, Spain


Handover of presidency

Marc Rubiralta appointed Werfen President


COVID-19 pandemic

Werfen organizes to face challenges brought by pandemic.
Our strategy and action plan ensures the safety of our employees, isolates our key manufacturing, supply chain and service functions and we continue to supply our essential products to our customers.

Our governance

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Company, in line with the strategic guidelines defined by the Board of Directors, and the powers delegated also by the Board of Directors.

  • Marc Rubiralta, Chairman
  • Carlos Pascual, Member
  • José Luis Guerrero, Member

Audit and Control Committee

This committee reports directly to the Board of Directors to monitor and report on activities related to Compliance and the Werfen Code of Ethics, internal and external audit, and risk management.

  • José Luis Rubiralta, Chairman
  • Jordi Rubiralta, Member
  • Xavier Rubiralta, Member
  • Miquel Roca, Member
  • Germán Castejón, Member

Appointments and Remuneration Committee

This Committee is responsible for informing and assisting the Board of Directors on issues related to its composition, remuneration and fulfillment, succession plans and remuneration of first executives and other issues related to remuneration policies and talent management, as requested by the Board of Directors.

  • Marc Rubiralta, Chairman
  • Jordi Rubiralta, Member
  • Xavier Rubiralta, Member
  • Carlos Pascual, Member
  • Miquel Roca, Member

Strategy Committee

The primary objective of the Strategy Committee is to assist and advise the Board of Directors of the Company in developing and implementing the Company's long-term strategic plans.

  • Germán Castejón, Member
  • Luis Cantarell, Member
  • Carlos Pascual, Member
  • José Luis Guerrero, Member
  • Jordi Rubiralta, Member
  • Marc Rubiralta, President

José María Rubiralta Award

Recipient: Pepe Zamora, Director EEMEAI

Rubiralta Award

The José María Rubiralta Award, our most prestigious honor, is presented annually to an individual or team for their special contributions or outstanding results.

Pepe Zamora

For our team in Central, Eastern Europe & Russia, Middle East, Africa and India (EEMEAI) receiving the award truly makes us proud.

For me this is a huge honor, because I had the pleasure of working with our founder. He gave me the opportunity to grow and, more importantly, he believed in me. He was always supportive and encouraging when the going got tough, reminding me often: 'if you believe in it, you can do it'.

This recognition must serve as a catalyst for our team and partners to implement our strategy: and we know we are on the right track, as we have the full support of the company.

Thanks to José María Rubiralta, Werfen is what it is today. His tenacity brought about our international expansion, something that we may take for granted now, but was a huge step 30-years ago.

I have never met a person with his vision, learning from him that belief, resilience, honesty, humility, quality and passion for what we do, are part of our DNA.

José María Rubiralta was always looking to challenge his boundaries, believing that the human spirit is always the foundation of any great leap.

Pepe Zamora

Director EEMEAI